What ignites the sparks between two artists and makes them create that ”something third”? A question in the world of art as difficult to answer as any. Yet I’ll try. The photographer Lee Yanor and I met for the first time when I visited her in her studio in Jaffa. She showed me the just completed video Small Songs as well as emulsions and holograms – photos made with experimental techniques. Instantly I knew that I wanted to create a Room Within A Room for her art. I wanted to rebuild The Jewish Theatre in Stockholm into a choreographed set design for the audience to walk through and inhabit. I wanted to enhance and highlight what had touched me the strongest: movement, time, rhythm, pulse, the human body – all which can be found in dance. Lee is a former dancer and we both work creatively in the borderland where art, dance, photography, music, sound, set design and technology all interweave. “All actual life is encounter”, as the Austrian-born Jewish philosopher Martin Buber used to say. Pia Forsgren Theatre Manager and Artistic Director The Jewish Theatre