The exhibition Rooms presents a set of theatrical pictures that delineate a fragile and vulnerable mental space, where we find figures trapped in timeless time, between what already took place and what is yet to come. Women in different stages of life, emerge from the works like illusive memories, private phantoms that formulate a fragmented non sequential narrative. They divulge a reflective, pensive mood, at times obsessive and hysterical, and conduct themselves with directness and simplicity channeled to the execution of a mundane, seemingly trivial action… Yanor's works are formulated for the most part as a personal riddle that defies easy deciphering. They strive for the ambivalent and hold a conceptual duality in the desire to establish mental transformation. Under the shell of refined aesthetics and powerful beauty, deep emotional charges teem beneath the surface, a mixture of lonely and bottomless pain blended with cautious optimism, resignation and acceptance. Potential danger and violence reverberate through the works, and summon for the visitor an intensive viewing experience.

Text by Curator: Sally Haftel Naveh