Writing in a the Pictures Shadow

By Levia Stern.


… “The images created by Lee Yanor are not specific images. They are in constant motion, rendering a tableau, a spectacle of sensations, feelings and thoughts. It is an allegorical journey, like that of Bruce Chatwin in his book The Songlines; A voyage to a land where the people leave their traces on the paths in words and notes, and converse in song. A voyage to a place where the song is also a map, a navigational tool – if you recognize the song, you will always find your way along and across the country. It is a land where distances are measures in songs, and poetry is the refined entity. In Lee Yanor`s works the images are like discrete syllables; the body is present-existent in-between all images… The alphabet of the images begins with the alphabet of the body- leg, hand, finger, eye... Lee yanor`s images flood the room, wandering on the walls and the floor. Flooded, they flood the space with light; they are filled and emptied before our very eyes. They are shadows – flashes of movements. The space becomes a symbol, a platform for images. The body is represented as a site of lost unity, a place which once embraced an entity…”